transformance at The Edge

The Edge is a safe space created for you to relax in and rethink those aspects of your life that matter most. The surroundings offer both the open space of the sea and the softness of the countryside with magnificent views of both. There are opportunities to walk on farmland amongst old Sussex Barns and Oasthouses. Listen to the song of the birds and watch them from one of the many bird hides situated on the marsh. Or simply walk on the beach and wonder at the remains of a 4000 year old forest preserved in the salt water. Take time out to restore and reinvigorate yourself. From a work perspective The Edge offers an environment conducive to blue sky thinking; when you need to think differently, do so in a unique and different venue. You can do this on your own or within a group.

So come to The Edge and spend some time with us enjoying all that this space has to offer.

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