An exciting opportunity to work with
Zana Duthie

transformance - waking up to who you are

Transformance has been created to give you time out from everyday life to explore with other curiously minded individuals, just exactly where you are on your path and if that is ok or not.

You know something is not quite right. You may feel lost or disoriented, a lack of joy or clear direction in life. You may be functioning in a trance-like state, confused as to what is wrong or not knowing what to do next.

Transformance provides the conditions and support for people struggling under the spells of work and the pressures of life to refresh and give their lives some attention. Here they will find time, fellow travellers and beautiful surroundings to help reconnect with their identity, potential and direction and to uncover the inner resources they need to take the next steps on their journey.

Transformance offers the opportunity of relaxation, revelation and restoration as you stretch yourself, wake up to who you are, the life you are creating and what happens along the way.


The two days have been put together to draw attention to the process of transforming in the moment through staying in relationship with ourselves with others and with spirit. Bringing yourself into the present moment to discover all of who you are, reconnecting with your story and taking the
chance to create is the aim of this programme.

This is based on a belief that dormant within you is untapped potential which given the right conditions will grow. As you dare to imagine your life as you would like it to be and as you notice what you might need to do/ think /believe differently, we will explore and collect choices and resources available to support this process of transformation.

All this happens at a place of outstanding natural beauty on the East Sussex Coast, in an environment created to inspire.

The two days are priced at 1750 plus Vat and includes accommodation, this is a real gift to yourself.

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